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Supplemental Window Security for Businesses and Schools

Operating a safe and secure building has become a top priority for schools and businesses in recent years. Considering the amount of violence that seems to happen at these facilities, it only makes sense that every possible safety measure is taken.

Hiring additional security personnel is typically the first step, but there are also a wide assortment of products that can be installed which help slow down or deter any criminal activity without requiring a complete structural remodel. Security Window Film for Schools is a prime example because it can be applied to any existing glass surface. Not only does this product restrict the entrance of anyone planning malicious activities, it also aids in protecting occupants from glass shards when the windows are broken.


Protecting Children Without Massive Overhauls

In an effort to help increase school security, companies like Sundown Window Tinting have come to the realization that the commercial window film they produce can assist in protecting teachers and students. Instead of limiting the functionality of a window or requiring bars be placed on the outside of the building, security film can be applied directly to the glass surface without compromising the window’s intended use or stability. This virtually invisible film actually strengthens the panes and makes them almost impenetrable, greatly increasing the amount of time and effort that an intruder will have to spend on attempting to crack the surface.

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Don’t Skimp on Safety

Unlike window tinting that might be installed by a school maintenance worker who has a little bit of patience and skill, security film needs to be applied by a professional. Cutting costs should never outweigh the importance of strong safety measures so leaving this task up to a handyman is not the best route to take. Expert security window film installation guarantees that everything is fully attached without any chance that the film bubbles up, peels back, or have unwanted creases.


These blemishes create weakened areas that negate the film’s intended purpose, which may go unnoticed by an overworked maintenance employee. Rather than create an insecure environment through a lackluster installation, trusting the professionals guarantees any imperfection will be immediately corrected.

Create More Than a Strong Window

In addition to specializing in security window film, many of companies also provide other beneficial products that schools can use. Window tinting is one of the most popular services because it helps increase energy efficiency by reducing the amount of penetrating ultraviolet light. With less of this light coming through the windows, the school’s air conditioning system does not need to work as hard at cooling. It also helps with security because it makes it more difficult for an outsider to see in. To better understand all the benefits of tint, security film, and other useful window products that, schools and businesses should visit websites like

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